Why Morris Animal Foundation and Animals Love Betty White

Betty White is everybody’s “Golden Girl” and perhaps nowhere does she shine brighter than when she is working on behalf of animals. Betty has devoted her life to making the world a brighter place for animal species worldwide.

“It won’t come as any surprise that I love animals deeply and dearly. That’s why I’m so proud to have been with Morris Animal Foundation since 1971,” says Betty White.

Her involvement with Morris Animal Foundation includes:

  • Serving as a trustee from 1971–2013, as canine division vice president from 1973–1982 and as president of the board of trustees from 1982–85
  • Attending annual trustee meetings, reading grant proposals and playing an active role in ensuring the Foundation was moving forward in its mission to improve the lives of animals
  • Hosting events on behalf of Morris Animal Foundation, including the Gorillas in the Mist motion picture premiere
  • Endorsing a line of collectible pet ornaments whose sales benefit Morris Animal Foundation
  • Leading the Foundation’s first and only capital campaign in the 1980s
  • Serving as a national spokesperson for the Foundation, encouraging thousands to support our work


In addition, Betty’s personal sponsorship of more than 30 animal health studies through Morris Animal Foundation has improved health for dogs, cats, horses and wildlife. Her sponsorship helped lead to:

  • Major breakthroughs in postsurgical pain management for dogs, cats and horses
  • New information into the genetic mutations that cause bone cancer in dogs
  • Insight into diagnosing congestive heart failure in dogs and preventing blood clots in cats with heart disease
  • Identification of genetic mutations for equine diseases and development of genetic tests for common diseases affecting horses
  • Launch of a major canine cancer campaign to fund research into preventing and treating cancer in dogs

  • Increased legal protection for sea otters in California and the establishment of a research program focused on reducing sea otter mortality
  • Establishment of the Betty White Wildlife Fund, which provides wildlife researchers timely monetary aid to respond to unexpected events—such as natural disasters and emerging diseases. In 2013, this fund supported an investigation of a sudden die-off of sea lions off the coast of Southern California.

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